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Welcome !

The Strand Resell family wish you a warm welcome.

We hope you will find peace and tranquility here at this picturesque location.

We live in the first farm to right, direction south.


Kr. 200.- pr day including electricity.

Payment by cash using the envelope at the entrance

Or by VIPPS: Asle Strand Resell  91321523, mark with your camper van registration number.

IMPORTANT Fire regulations require a minimum of 3 meters between camper vans.

Water, WC and emptying septic tanks

Drinking water tap is by the entrance. 

We do not have WC or showers.

Septic tanks can be emptied at the waste station in Åmot. In an emergency waste tanks may be emptied in the first Mens cubicle behind the stage (without door) on the right.

Rubbish bins are located in the middle of the site. We appreciate all help to keep the site clean and tidy.

Waste station Åmot

Waste stations Norway

Fire pit and social area

You are welcome to use the fire pit and this is also a group leisure area. Please make sure to extinguish the fire when you leave the area. 

The "dance floor" is also a group leisure area.


Warning !

This place has been used as a concert and dance venue for the last 40 years. We have cleaned the area as best we can, however, we ask that you be aware there still may be bits of glass on the site. Always use shoes on land and in the water. Thank you.

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